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St. Mark's Annual Fund is called the Lion's Fund.  Like many schools, St. Mark's aims to raise approximately 20% of tuition revenue each year as unrestricted donations that can supplement academic operations.  Normally the majority of the money raised in an annual fund is used in the short term.  It is not a long-term capital campaign, or an endowment fund.

Some of The Lion's Fund goes toward scholarships. Some goes toward new programs, and some goes just to making ends meet so that we can continue to provide top-notch, inspirational teachers, and excellent teaching resources. Donations also support our continued commitment to athletics and the arts.  


Like many non-profit organizations, we know it is important to donors to keep administrative costs at a minimum. We aim for 100% participation in Lion's fund giving by St. Mark's parents, families, and school board members. St. Mark’s Episcopal Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All unrestricted donations are 100% tax-deductible. Donations made by December 31st qualify for this year’s tax deduction. Our tax ID # is 59-0791043.


The Lion's Fund accepts matching donations.  Many companies support non-profits of their employee's choice by providing a matching gift. Find out if your employer has a matching gift program by contacting your Human Resources office.

In addition to the Lion's Fund, there are other ways to support St. Mark's through donations:  Parents and Friends events, major gift donations, endowment, major gifts, property, in-kind gifts, and planned giving are among them. 

In recent years, donations have enabled St. Mark's to

  • Build the outdoor chapel and classroom

  • Acquire sensors for water quality monitoring

  • Rent kayaks

  • Provide Scholarships

  • Build the outdoor chapel and classroom

  • Acquire sensors for water quality monitoring

  • Rent kayaks

  • Provide classroom teachers' wish list items

  • Acquire a 3D printer for the STEAM lab

  • Update security features

  • Refurbish hand bells 

  • Acquire guitars and violins for music classes

  • Pay for professional development for faculty and staff


Call the Head of School, Justin Smith,  if you would like to discuss giving opportunities with the Academy. (321) 639-5771

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