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Importance of music in a well rounded education.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an important part of our curriculum and music helps integrate SEL. Children are continually working through changes in their lives, so it’s important that we help them maintain focus on their mental well-being. Music education helps build the five pillars of SEL – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and age appropriate responsible decision-making .

  • Music also helps integrate the four Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity) of 21st century learning into a child’s life. 

  • Research suggests that music also enhances academic performance. 

  • For younger learners, music is a great way to build fine and gross motor skills. Teaching children how to use simple rhythm instruments (like shakers) helps them listen closely and make the sound they want, while also helping them to develop coordination skills.

  • Panos Panay, founding managing director of Berklee ICE (Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship), had some great insights to share about the link between music and entrepreneurship. “Learning how to play a musical instrument and becoming a musician,” he says, “is an exercise in developing good listening skills, experimenting, overcoming repeated failure, self-discipline, and successful collaboration.” Since these are also qualities seen in successful entrepreneurs, there is merit to teaching children early on that there is a lot to be gained from hard work and perseverance.

  • Music creates a unique opportunity to help students appreciate how the two, seemingly opposite subjects are interlinked. They learn to draw parallels between rhythmic and mathematical patterns or explore why the sound of some instruments are higher-pitched than others.

  • Research also shows that musical training engages the parts of your brain that are responsible for decision-making and better focus. It also helps inhibit impulses, and keeps students calm.

  • Music brings joy and makes us happy, it’s as simple as that. It lights up every part of the brain and helps release dopamine. It is a powerful way to keep kids calm and centered. Music is much more than a great mood-booster. It is a transformative tool, and the key to providing every child a well-rounded learning experience. 

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