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St. Mark's Parent Testimonials

Why St. Mark's Episcopal Academy ?

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“I enrolled my son at St. Mark’s because I wanted him to be in a small–school environment. I home–schooled him for a couple of years and then started looking for a school to meet his needs. I didn’t know about the school when I moved to Brevard County from out of state. It was a friend of a friend who told me about St. Mark’s. It’s a boutique school that offers so many outstanding courses and activities including an amazing Marine Biology program. St. Mark’s delivers a big educational experience in a small–school environment. One of the things that drew me to the school as a parent was the daily physical education component because physical activity is so important for a child's development especially children that need more help getting their energy out so they can focus. SMEA students participate in sports and learn team work and team spirit which is a lesson that will serve them for the rest of their lives".

The teachers and the administrators at St. Mark’s have helped my son tremendously. He went from having issues with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) to becoming an outstanding student within months. As a parent, I can’t say enough positive things about St. Mark's Episcopal Academy". 

1st Grade Parent

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I am a very proud St. Mark’s Academy alumnus, so there was no question that I would do whatever I could to give my daughter the same educational opportunity I was so fortunate to have. Although things have changed over the last 30 years, so many of my favorite traditions have been maintained - May Day, Advent in Song, Crossover, Alumni Day, morning chapel, and so many more! And now there are even MORE new traditions and programs being integrated - STEAM lab, Marine Science programming, after-school enrichment programs, to name just a few! I love that the school has honored the old traditions while also moving into the 21st century with its new offerings. My daughter LOVES St. Mark’s and the friends she’s made! We love that she has friends in all grade levels and that the school is small enough that every teacher and support staff member knows who she is. It really is such an incredible community of teachers, families, students, and church members. I couldn’t ask for a better academic, social, and spiritual foundation for her!

1st Grade Parent 

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A Young Man in the Library


St. Mark’s Episcopal Academy has been the most amazing experience for our family. After leaving schools where my son didn’t quite “fit”, had difficulty performing academically and socially, and got lost in the crowd…he felt right at home at St Mark’s. Even saying ..”this is the only school I want to ever go to…”. The teachers and staff have been absolutely amazing. Working with us to make sure my son’s needs were met, as well as challenging him academically. My son has excelled with the small class size, personal attention. and academic rigor. The extra programs (STEAM, PE, Spanish, Music and Art) are incredible and make for a well rounded school and student. Chapel and the spiritual component has been an integral part of creating the kind, honest, and upstanding young man my son has become since attending St Mark’s. St Mark’s is a school where my son WANTS to go each day to grow and learn. It has been the very best decision we have ever made. 

4th Grade Parent 


My daughter started out Kindergarten in another private school. We looked into St. Mark’s Episcopal Academy after a scare with an exposure to a food she is highly allergic to. We were unhappy with the lack of concern that was given to protect her from future occurrences. We feel so fortunate to have found St. Mark’s! They have protocols to keep her safe and take them seriously. That is our number one reason for loving the school, but there is so much more. I noticed a change in her within the first week of starting school at St. Mark’s. She went from being a girl who complained about how long she had to be at school to saying how the day just “whizzed by”! She was disappointed on a daily basis at her old school because she never got called on and was not able to have any interaction with her teacher (understandable considering her class had 26 students). At St. Mark’s she feels special and is able to get one on one attention due to the small class sizes. She really enjoys having daily P.E. and recess and I love that she now looks forward to going to school. She has excelled academically this year and I look forward to seeing her continue to grow and thrive over the next six years at St. Mark’s.

Kindergarten Parent 

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