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Welcome to St. Mark's Episcopal Academy

St. Mark’s Episcopal Academy is a private elementary school located in the heart of Historic Cocoa Village and Florida’s Space Coast.  Among Christian churches, the Episcopal Church has a long-standing tradition of diversity and inclusion as well as a graceful relationship with science, research, and learning.  We welcome children of all faiths in pre-kindergarten through 6th grade to our waterfront campus on the shores of the Indian River Lagoon.


St. Mark’s is a close-knit community that feels like family:  safe, nurturing, and loving.  St. Mark’s is known for academic excellence, character building, and plenty of time outside. We approach learning as a balance of body, mind, and spirit. 

Our teachers are highly qualified, degreed, and certified in field. They encourage students to exercise the skills they learn and apply them to real-world experiences. Whether it is treating our neighbors as ourselves, holding a good conversation, or studying marine sciences, math, and technology, St. Mark’s teaches our children the skills they need to succeed as they move forward in the world.

St. Mark’s inspires a life-long love for learning and helps set the foundation of a strong character and good judgment.  St. Mark’s students graduate prepared for all the next steps in their education.


St. Mark’s also offers an exceptional pre-kindergarten program that sets the groundwork for life-long learning and character development.

CLICK HERE to schedule a tour at St. Mark’s Episcopal Academy.

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Daily Chapel

2 Church Street

Historic Cocoa Village, FL 32922

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