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What is our Mission?


St. Mark's Episcopal Academy inspires a life-long love of learning, and equips students with excellent academic skills that  prepare them for the next stages in their education.  As a safe, loving, inclusive, and collaborative environment, we nurture confidence, moral courage, and character development that enables students to be leaders of positive change in the world, according to Christian values and Episcopal traditions. 

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 Head of School,

Justin Smith

Smith, Justin001.jpg

Accomplished Head of School, administrator, and teacher with 22 years of comprehensive experience in K -8 leadership and education.

Key strengths include community relations, strategic planning, crisis management, team building, fundraising, mentoring, and collaborating.  

Highly energetic, inclusive, and visible leader committed to supporting teacher and student excellence while incorporating best independent school practices. 

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What are our Core Values?

  • Academic excellence

  • Balanced development of body, mind, and spirit

  • Inclusion and diversity in a Christian community

  • Caring for our world with good stewardship and sustainable practices

  • Tradition.  Innovation.  Inspiration

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What is our Vision?

  1. Students appreciate what it means to be Christian, as well as Episcopalian.

  2. Students develop excellent reading and writing skills, positioning them at or above grade level.

  3. Students develop strong STEAM skills, positioning them at or above grade level, with special focus on marine sciences and the environment.

  4. Students learn critical thinking skills so they may assess their experiences independently and accurately, and build strong foundations as practical problem-solvers.

  5. Students increase their range of expression and perception by learning art, music, and sports.

  6. Students become strongly inclined to good stewardship; they build habits of good works by caring for one another, their communities, and their environment. 

  7. Students conduct themselves with respect and consideration for others.  

  8. Students experience being loved and cared for while being held to high standards of growth and behavior.

  9. Students and their families work to achieve high standards of learning while maintaining a cooperative and collegial environment.

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