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Scholarships &
Financial Aid

“A private school education may be more affordable than you realize”

Scholarships, Tuition Discounts & Financial Aid

Scholarships for Florida Private Schools

Scholarships for Florida Private Schools (K - 6th Grade)

St. Mark’s does accept families who qualify and receive the following state scholarships for private schools. 


Students who utilize the scholarships remain eligible, regardless of income, as long as they continue using the scholarship each year or until they graduate high school or turn 21


St. Mark’s can accommodate specific students who qualify for FES’s Unique Abilities (learning differences) Scholarships. These students will be assessed through the Admissions process and must demonstrate academic abilities that are on or above grade level and diagnosed with a unique ability that can be successfully accommodated by St. Mark’s while upholding the school’s mission to provide an academically advanced curriculum. 


Families who qualify for FTC and FES receive an average of $7,700 per year for K-12 Private Schools. 






Tuition Discounts

St. Mark’s Offers tuition discounts in the following areas:


Sibling Discount: At St. Mark’s, we want to provide families the opportunity for all siblings to receive a St. Mark’s education and reward families’ dedication to investing in the school.  Every additional sibling accepted to St. Mark’s receives a 10% discount on their yearly tuition rate.


Church Member Discount: All families who are members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church receive a $500 discount per child on their yearly tuition rate.


Full Pay and Semester Pay Discounts: Families who choose the full pay payment plan for the school year receive a $400 discount off the yearly tuition rate. Families who choose the semester payment plan receive a $200 discount off the yearly tuition rate.

Scholarships for Academy Students Fund

To make St. Mark’s Academy accessible to the best and brightest students from all backgrounds, the Academy provides Scholarships for Academy Students in the form of financial aid.  Eligible families may qualify for up to 30% tuition remission. This percentage of financial aid is capped for each academic year and awarded on a case-by-case basis. A student’s application for admission is not affected by his/her application and eligibility for financial aid. Priority is given to current families who adhere to the deadlines and have met all financial obligations to the school.

 Scholarships for Academy Students are determined using FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. Families applying for financial aid for the first time will receive a Financial Aid packet once they have submitted their Admissions application and requested assistance. Returning families currently receiving aid must submit a new application each year.


To apply for financial aid, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Create your FACTS online account.

  2. Complete your Financial Aid application within a week of your application.

  3. Submit your additional required documents listed  below:

  • Upload your 2023 income tax return with signatures

  • Upload your 2023 Business/Farm Statement and Corporate Tax Return with all supporting schedules (if applicable)

  • Upload your 2023 W-2 Forms (if applicable)



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