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Team Members

Duncan Paden

Pre-K3 & Pre-K4 Assistant

Coach Christy Petsovich

Physical Education

Ms. Stephanie Magnone

Third Grade

Mrs. Debbie Parsons

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Michelle Richards

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Karis James

STEAM & Marine Sciences

Mrs. Trier Forget

Second Grade

Deacon Nancy


Ms. Michelle Roman

Kindergarten Assistant

Mrs. Renee Smith

Pre-K 3

Mrs. Alison Olivieri

First Grade

Ms. Judy Osikowicz

Receptionist & After Care Leader

Ms. Tammy Glenn

Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Suzanne Lacy

Fifth & Sixth Grade

Mrs. Laura Maharaj


Mr. Jay Forget

Facilities Manager

Grace Juliano


Mrs. Daune Ellis

Fifth & Sixth Grade

Mr. Justin Smith

Head of School

Ms. Danielle Pike

Pre-K 4

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